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We are a global team operating from Bogotá and Tokyo with broad professional experience in brands and audiovisual media.
Whatever Works began when art met science in 2013. When a couple of independent projects born out of the need to create, organically became a profitable company after big brands required work, our clients literally forged us into existence.
Discovery Channel, Jack Daniels, Apple, and Netflix were some of our first clients; we had to hit the floor running and get good fast. Clients were interested in the quality of our ideas and not necessarily in the service, so we had the opportunity to explore different areas of marketing until we found the areas we felt most comfortable in.
Brand Strategy

A brand is more than just a logo; it’s the story you tell and the feelings you evoke. Our Brand Strategy package is your blueprint for standing out in a noisy market. We’ll distill your brand values into a unified voice and look that people will remember.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing services navigate you through this ecosystem by crafting targeted ad campaigns and optimizing your social media strategy. We focus on real metrics that matter—leads, engagement, and sales. Take control of your online narrative; let us show you how.

Web Design

We create visually arresting websites that aren’t just pretty, but smart—optimized for user experience and conversions. From one-page portfolios to e-commerce behemoths, we can help. Let’s make your website your best salesperson.

Experience Design

Our Experience Design service takes your brand’s essence and makes it tangible—from retail stores to exclusive events. We focus on every detail, from layout to sensory cues, to make your space not just functional but mesmerizing.

Our Team
Felipe Guarín
Creative Director

Half dreamer, half do-er, Felipe Guarin is the tech junkie, the neophile of Whatever Works; he keeps the company and its clients on the verge of what’s coming. His bachelors in political science and two Masters in Marketing and Media Design create the perfect recipe for a team member with a unique point of view which is ultimately reflected in the extraordinary solutionshe comes up with for ordinary problems.

Angie Castillo
Project Manager

If meeting deadlines was a sport, Angie Guendolyne Castillo Ortega (her second name is not her favorite) would attend the Olympics yearly. Having studied advertisement and later project management, she knows the ins and outs of design-related projects and we still arent sure if she is more comfortable with plants than with people because she is a project manager by day but a plant connoisseur by night. She loves plants, and she has a good hand, she likes to talk to them, caress them and pamper them and even scold them when they let themselves be bothered by bugs.

Mauricio Gaitán
Graphic Designer

Mauricio Gaitán has been in the graphic design industry for 18 years now. In other words, he has been designing graphics for half of his life. He has gone through six different advertising agencies. He has learned to fail gracefully, make mistakes, and be told “no.” This individual has also started again from scratch countless times and understands that this is what graphic design and life are all about–never giving up. The work of Mauricio Gaitán has always been collaborative. He starts with a reference that gives him direction, but he has also worked freelance, in pairs, and as part of a team. He has been both an apprentice and a leader, but he is always part of a group because he believes we’re all cogs in the machine. He places a high value on clear communication and asking (and being asked) questions. He sees himself as an observer of reality who is always striving for excellence. And he loves listening to gossipy conversations while he works, which is why podcasts are one of his favorite things. He recommends; RadioAmbulante, El Hilo, Leyendas Legendarias, La Base, Diana Uribe FM, Bilingual Podcast, ElDollop, Expertos de Sillón, and Grupo de Autoayuda de Dibujo.

Sergio García
Full Stack Developer

Sergio’s journey began with a detour through the captivating realm of 3D animation, leading him to discover his true passion, Full Stack Development. Beyond the world of coding, Sergio’s lifeis a harmonious symphony of diverse interests. Ping pong enthusiast by day and a cat aficionado by night, he shares his home with a charming feline companion who brings boundless joy to his daily life. When he’s not crafting software, you’ll find Sergio immersed in the worlds of videogames and music, infusing his programming endeavors with creativity and flair. But Sergio’s expertise extends beyond the digital domain; he’s a hardware virtuoso, consistently enhancing his computer with the latest technological marvels. Sergio combines his creative and technical skills to build digital solutions that bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Our friends, sorry, our clients have made us blush more than once with their words:
Our experience with Whatever Works was incredible! In addition to being super creative and professional, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked together to take an idea and transform it into a cohesive brand – everything from naming, logo, brand identity, website, digital assets, and a brand narrative. We were so impressed with their work and couldn’t recommend them more. We have already referred many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so! Thank you to the entire team.
Working with The Whatever Works team has been an absolute delight. Their passion and extensive knowledge of the design process led us from having a crude concept of what we envisioned to creating an a ward - winning package design. They have been more than responsive and available to us during the complete branding and design phases and have gone above and beyond in the creativity and level of detail we required from them. We look forward to engaging with them in our future design endeavors.
Working with Whatever Works is like embedding a creative powerhouse into our organization. I trust them to turn our visions into reality. The communication is seamless, the quality is uncompromisable and the creative output is consistently delightful.
And we’ve made ourselves proud more than once

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