Unboxing Experience

Miiroko is a Japanese/Australian brand of at-home haircare products. Its founders, Claire and Yuki, aim to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the lack of expert advice when using home hair colors by offering top organic quality products but explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

Miiroko asked Whatever Works to define their brand values and translate them into a successful unboxing experience.

By first understanding their brand universe and target consumer, we created an experience powerful enough to be an effective branding tool that involved a combination of branding, top-notch packaging design, and editorial design. In an era where sometimes the “box” is the only touchpoint, the brand has with its consumer, a carefully thought out “unboxing” experience becomes a crucial component for any home-delivered product.




Our Role

Packaging · Editorial Design · Branding · Graphic Design · Art Direction


April 13, 2021