In-House Project

Usa Tapabocas

The Whatever Works Design team participated in the MIT COVID-19 Challenge, a multi-disciplinary hackathon that brings together over 1500+ participants, 238 teams, and 200+mentors from around the world to tackle a wide range of issues we are now facing.

Our team designed a solution to leverage the existing distribution networks of large FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies to disseminate preventive information on #covid19 to under-resourced communities around the world.

We were recognized by the judging team as one of the winners!


In-House Project

Our Role

Graphic Design · Concept Design


October 31, 2019


People living in impoverished areas worldwide can’t do social distancing and have minimal access to information on preventive measures for COVID-19.


43% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet, which means that more than 3.2 billion people in under-resourced areas are getting their scientific information from mass media, creating misinformation and fear.


Leveraging existing distribution networks to disseminate Scientific Prevention Education to communities around the world that don’t have access to internet.

Empresas que se han unido

Collaborator / Colaboradores

Nataliia Voloshyna

Oneris Rico

Yuliza Ramirez

Leonardo Hernandez

Paula Diaz

Sarika Karra

Jiyoon Lee

Dawit Dagnaw

Alethea Villa

Benjamin Boutboul

Luciana Debenedetti


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